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Something about Peru

Peru is a South American country located at the north west coast. Its surrounded by Andes mountains and Amazonas. Population of Peru is around 33 million people. Majority of population consists of Peruvians and still small but growing minority of population is from the rest of the world. Peru is a welcoming and beautiful country with diversified landscape. It is one of the very few countries in the world that offers everything you possibly want from great food, mountains, dunes, beaches, rainforests and great investment opportunities.   

investment in Peru

Booming economy of Peru

International investors often dismiss Peru’s economy in favor of South American giants like Brazil, but in reality, the country’s little steps have resulted in robust growth. It’s GDP in 2019 has exceeded 5%. This is due to the fact that Peru is very rich in natural resouces and export of Peru is simply massive. It’s GDP growth has been also well supported by tourism. The most famous and the most visited place of whole South America Macchu Picchu has been attracting tourists from all over the world. In fact the tourism in Peru is growing at a fast rate at 10% increase each year mainly due to Machcu Pichcu and the diversity of this beautiful country. Many tourists fall in love with this country and decide to either live in Peru or invest in Peru. Housing market therefore in Peru mainly in Cuzco is on high demand. Cuzco is also the most visited place in the whole South America. The antique charm of the town and the beautiful surrounding nature will quickly gets deep into your heart. Non-residents wanting to invest are allowed by Peruvian goverment to purchase a property. There are of course criteria that any non-resident investor has to follow and these criteria do change quite often. 

Due to the frequent law changes, please make sure that you are provided with the latest information before you plan on doing investments. Finance-Mortgages provides you step by step with investment opportunities in high demand areas that are still relatively cheap and with guaranteed multiple capital growth within short period of time.

investment opportunities in Peru

Diversifying your housing portfolio

There are many ways you can diversify your  investment portfolio. If you are the type of investor who really loves investing in housing market, why not to invest into overseas market? The benefits of investing in Peru is that the country’s economy is growing at much faster rate than Australian and at the fastest rate in South America. Depending on location some properties can see double returns on capital growth in just a short period of time. Other benefits are having your portfolio not to be tied up to one economy and one currency. Peru has dual currency system with mainly used Peruvian Soles for common purchases and USD mainly used for housing market. 

Huge investment opportunity in Peru

Benefits of using our investment service

Passionate about investing in housing market just like us? We have been riding throughout the whole country on our motorbike hunting for areas that are still cheap and with guaranteed future growth. Why guaranteed? We maintain close relationship with some municiplaities and its future development decision makers. Based on information provided, we carefully analyse the potential in the particular area. 

Should you make the investment decision we will offer you our own proffesionals for legal matters or find your own lawyer.

Based on the type of your investment property, we will help you to maximise your profits. Our proposals will be based on our experience and what we think it has the highest growth potential in particular area and location

Should you buy and still live in your home country, we provide our property managment services whether it is airbnb, short term or long term renting. 


Cusco Apartment

Investment Opportunity

Two storey apartment in Cusco

This apartment is positioned in Larapa only 15 mins away from center of Cusco.

The area offers access to universities, banks, shopping centers and hospital. Public transport is within walking distance.

Apartment has been used mainly for Airbnb generating upto $3500 USD per month due to high demand of tourists.

Apartment has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, balcony and laundry and underground garage. The whole block of units is secured. Apartment has been built in 2014. Price for this apartment is $130 000USD. Owner is willing to negotiate. A perfect investment opportunity.

We started providing our services to Australian and European investors due to lack of knowledge of investors in Peruvian market and also due to big amount of  informal real estate agencies in Peru. Many have no formal qualification in Immobilaria and investors can end up with dissapointment of having no money and no legal entitlement to the property.

Our team memebers in Peru are registered with appropriate licences. We can handle your purchase of property from the start to finish including providing you with legal advice and transfering the property ownership into your name. Please contact us to get free quotes!

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