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You might be a busy parent, full time employee, business person or just someone who is looking for financial assistance to purchase or refinance your asset at the most cost effective way. As you have no time to search through many lender by yourself, a good mortgage broker is your best choice. The benefit of using a mortgage broker is that you get guidance throughout the process and specialist advice that will take all the confusion and stress out of you.

Your first step is to find a good mortgage broker that will be taking care of your financial goals…

Being cared by the trustworthy, established and honest broker should be your priority. Finding a broker is not hard as there is many of them!!

Choosing the right broker…

Brokers get paid by commissions and each lender offers different rate on commission. Many brokers take you into deals that were only presented to you based on high commission rate which is not beneficial to you.

…This has happened to majority of us when you come to a broker and after the initial assessment you are presented only with one lender just after couple minutes. This lender is offered to other clients just like you!! The broker is happy as he gets his high commission for the least amount of time spent on research. Everyone has different financial situation and each situation fits more or less to each lender. Based on the individual situation your rate can be much lower with other lender…

Therefore you should always require a product comparison of lenders including commission rate that broker will be paid by each lender. This practice gives you confidence in your broker that he is acting in the best interest of you.

Tell your broker what you want to achieve…

Are you curious about cheaper interest rates? …the market went in the favour of those who can take the advantage of it. Interest rates are at its lowest point currently and it is time to act upon it. Whether you want to purchase new house or refinance, this is not the good time but the best time to grab a bargain. It is a good feeling of knowing that you have reduced your expenses and increased your savings and all those potential savings can go to further investments or to enjoy your life. However lowest interest rate don’t always guarantee that it is the cheapest deal for you. We also consider “Total loan cost” which can be lower compare to the one that has lower interest rate. This is due to the fact that some lenders charge extra payments on loan packages and other features.

How does this feel to you when you are presented with such research and your really can compare what you are signing in to?… such practice gives the trust between you and your broker


What about reducing your loan term of your mortgage without paying additional repayments? 

 These extra service is hard to find and any banks won’t offer you that and other brokers won’t either. The goal to achieve is to simply save you as much money as you can without adding extra funds. Depending on your financial goal but the more you save the more you can invest or enjoy your savings as you pleased. The great benefit of this is that this service is automated when you are setup and you don’t have to do anything.  

Case study of our client:

In this case, our client Neil on a salary of $80,000 reduced his loan from $500,000 to $475,747 using this system whereas if just the amount without MRP had been paid the balance would have been down to $490,100-the loan balance difference of $14,353 is significantly reduced.


Long term success has to be cared for therefore you need a broker who will be your long term loyal partner looking after your financial needs. As we spoke about MRP before and introduced the potential savings per one year why not to continue than for another year. The power of compounding is significant the further you continue. If you will feel like that you are not sure that you maximising your savings, once in 6 months we always look what needs to be changed in order to be on top of the game.

These benefits of using Finance-Mortgages are highly rewarding in the long run as graphed below



How we help you?

Providing individual approach to each customer with presentation of our research and product comparison of best possible options between many lenders including commission that we are offered by lenders.  

At Finance-Mortgages, this is our standard policy to present you a product comparison including commissions that we will be entitled from the lender. We make you feel that you can trust our words and rely on our services long term resulting in peace in mind which allows you to sleep better and be a better parent/partner/person. We will help you to fulfil your dreams whatever it is

Part of our research is to look for best interest rate that we can currently provide to you. The lowest interest rate does not mean that it is the best deal as lenders can charge fees on other features of the loan package. Instead we introduce you reliable and the most cost-effective lenders with great customer service so we can shake hands upon reaching a great deal

Finance-Mortgages will indulge you in Mortgage Reduction Programme. This programme is not provided by any lender or mortgage broker. It is our service that will teach how to take advantage of various strategies in order to pay off your home loan faster. The result is rewarding to you and anyone from your loved ones can benefit the same way as you do. Every client will be offered our Mortgage Reduction Programme (MRP) that is free and will teach you to be more financially smart.  

We know what it feels like when you as a client are dissatisfied with your bank or broker. You end up with a bad loan that you have to pay off from your own money. The broker is happy as he got his commission and does not care less. Don’t give up with your goals, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. What you need is to be directed the right!! We successfully grow our business due to satisfaction of customers by providing unique and ongoing service.


    “Achieving financial goals and feeling like on the top of the mountain is our promise”